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Property Tax Funding Blog

Dirty Truths About Property Taxes

What is a Property Tax Loan?

How Fast Can I Get a Property Tax Loan?

First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide: Everything You Should Know Before Buying Your First Home

11 Types of Tax Deductions Homeowners Qualify For

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Community Garden

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The Best Investments for Any Age or Income

Buying Your First Business Investment Property

What You Need to Know About Taxes if You Work Remotely

A Guide to Housing Benefits for Veterans

Property Tax Lenders: An Overview & Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Property Tax Loans: Huge Penalties in Texas for Failure to Pay Property Taxes

Property Tax Lawsuit - Have You Been Sued?

How Property Tax Lien Transfers Protect Homeowners

Protection through Flexibility: Lien Transfers for the Public Good

Property Tax Lending vs Tax Lien Transfers: What’s the Difference?

The Trouble With Property Taxes

How Property Taxes Are Determined

Property Tax Rates by State

5 Tips to Avoid Foreclosure

5 Financial Tips for New Homeowners

Property Tax Lending Volume Declines: Long-Term Players Strengthen

Texas Property Tax Foreclosures Due to Delinquent Taxes: You can Save Your Property

Property Tax Lending a Solution for Increasing Property Taxes

Why Regulators Continue to Allow Property Tax Loans in Texas

The Impact of Regulation, Licensing, & Competition on Texas Property Tax Loans

Texas Property Tax Loan Foreclosure Stats That Will Surprise You

How Texas Property Tax Loans Work

The Truth About Texas Property Tax Loans

How to Find the Right Property Tax Lender

What is Property Tax Lending?

When to Consider a Property Tax Loan

Who Should Not Get a Property Tax Loan?

The Benefits of a Property Tax Loan

7 Things You Need to Know about Property Tax Lenders

Learn How Texas Property Tax Loans Work

5 Steps to Finding a Reputable Property Tax Lender

Loans for Back Property Taxes Assist Texas Property Owners

Loans for Property Taxes - Made Easy

Tax Loans Provide Assistance for Past Due Property Taxes

Property Tax Loans Provide Help for Back Taxes

Tax Loans Stop Tax Assessor Penalties

Get Property Tax Relief with a Property Tax Loan

Tax Loans to Pay My Property Taxes

Get Help with Past Due Property Taxes

Texas Homeowners Can Get Property Tax Help

Texas Property Tax Installment Payment Plans

7 Benefits of Property Tax Financing in Texas

New Texas Property Tax Lending Laws Cost Property Owners

Learn How to Qualify for a Property Tax Loan Approval!

8 Key Questions Answered About Property Tax Loans

Save Money Today With a Property Tax Loan

New Property Tax Lending Laws - Texas Property Tax Loans

Why You Might Need a Property Tax Loan?

Texas Property Taxes on the Rise

Study of Property Tax Lending Yields Favorable Results

Eliminate My Property Tax Bill – Is it Just Wishful Thinking?

Property Tax Loan Companies


Anatomy of a Property Tax Loan

Seven Things to Know About Property Tax Loans

Property Tax Home Loans - The Best Solution

Property Tax Loan Closing Costs – Important Facts

Property Tax Loans - Benefit Mortgage Companies

Texas Property Tax Payment Plans

4 Ways to Stop a Property Tax Foreclosure in Texas

Financing Property Taxes Has Never Been Easier

Will I Qualify for a Property Tax Loan?

Beware of Late Property Taxes in Texas

Delinquent Property Tax Loans – A Quick and Easy Solution

Low Cost Property Tax Loans – Zero Down to Solve Your Tax Problem

Finding The Best Property Tax Lender - 3 Simple Steps

Commercial Property Tax Loans - Made Easy

Property Tax Assistance for Past Due Property Taxes

How Do Property Tax Loans Work?

Property Tax Loan Reviews - Find the Best Lender

How to Budget for Your Property Taxes

Help Available for Paying Property Taxes in Texas

Property Tax Help – How to Protest Your 2012 Value

Texas Non-Profits Pay Zip, Zero, Nada, in Property Taxes

Texas Property Tax Relief on the Appreciating Home Value

Disabled Veterans - Eligible for Property Tax Waiver or Reduction

Property Tax Appraisal Notices for 2012 Soon on Their Way

Lower Your Property Tax Bill with Homestead Exemptions

Dallas County Property Taxes - Important Links and Information

Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association Launches New Website

Property Tax Bills Coming to an Inbox Near You

2011 Texas Property Tax Bills are Out in Most Texas Counties


New Laws Go Into Effect for Texas Property Tax Lending


Will Lower Dallas Area Home Prices Reduce Property Taxes?

Failure to Pay Property Taxes is a Default of your Mortgage

Property Tax Suits Cost Past Due Property Owners Even More!

Tax Collections and Job Growth - Signal a Strong Texas Economy

What Does the Texas Constitution Say About Property Taxes?

Certificate of Good Standing - Requirement for Financing Transactions

Why Am I Receiving Property Tax Loan Offers?

Protesting Property Values to Reduce Dallas County Property Taxes

Texas Property Tax Penalties Skyrocket Your Tax Bill

When to NOT get a Property Tax Loan

Property Tax Rates for Denton County – Who Has the Lowest Rate?

Property Tax Rates In Collin County 2010 – Find the Lowest Rate

State Funding Cuts Increase Texas Property Taxes

When can I get a Texas Property Tax Loan

Dallas County Property Taxes – New Fees for Credit Payment

Collin County Property Tax Bills – Help Another State?

Renewable Energy Systems Help Lower Texas Property Taxes


Help Paying 2010 Texas Property Taxes

Aggressive Collections by Bexar County Tax Assessor

Payment of Texas Property Taxes and Past Due Options

HELP! - Help! My Mortgage Company Paid My Past Due Property Taxes


Texas Property Tax Loans – 3 Reasons to Act Now

Three Ways to Save on Texas Property Taxes

How to Pay County Property Taxes in Texas

Get Property Tax Help Now - Avoid the HUGE July 1st Penalty

Texas Property Tax Loans – What are the Advantages?

Past Due Property Taxes – Huge Penalties in Texas for Late Payment

Important Facts and Information for Paying Texas Property Taxes

Property Tax Help and Advice from a Texas Property Tax Law Firm

Commercial Property Tax Loans in Texas

Dallas County Property Tax – Guidelines for Protest

Picking the Right Lender When You Need a Property Tax Loan

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