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Protesting Property Values to Reduce Dallas County Property Taxes

Posted by D. Howell on Mon, May 02, 2011 @ 09:05 AM

Protesting Dallas County Property Values – Dallas, Texas

I’m sure everyone is aware that the assessed value from the Dallas County Appraisal District (DCAD) will directly affect the amount property owners will pay in property taxes for 2011 (which will be due January 31, 2012). What you may not know is that as a Dallas County property owner you will only have a short window of time to try and lower the assessed value if you feel the amount being assessed is too high. Appraised value notices will be mailed out beginning May 1st and property owners will have until May 31st (or 30 days after the delivery of their notice) to protest the appraised value. See the DCAD website to learn more.

How to Protest Dallas County Property Taxes dallas property tax loan

Beginning May 1st, protests can be filed in writing or through the Dallas County Appraisal District website at www.dallascad.org using their Online Protest Program called uFile. The uFile Online Protest Program will be available for protesting residential and commercial property from May 1st through May 31st and will be available beginning May 17th for Business Personal Property.

What Are Valid Reasons to Protesting Appraised Values

The majority of the reasons for protesting the appraised value of your property are covered by the following three reasons.

1. Market Value Reasons – The proposed appraised value of your property is simply too high. This typically happens when the appraisal district has incorrect information regarding your property such as property size. Also, if comparable properties in your immediate area are selling for less than your proposed appraised value, then you may have a legitimate reason to protest.

2. Unequal Valuation – The Texas Constitution gives Texas property owners the right to equal and uniform taxation. This means that even if your proposed appraised value is in line with the market value, but comparable homes in your area are being appraised below market value, then you have a right to also have your home appraised below market value equally.

3. Denial of an Exemption – You may want to protest when the Chief Appraiser denies you a requested exemption. If you have met all requirements for filing for an exemption, including meeting the deadline, and are denied, then you can file a protest and have a hearing before the ARB.

There are other reasons you may consider protesting and the DCAD website has more to say on this subject, but in short, if you feel your proposed appraised value or any other information at the Central Appraisal District is costing you too much in Dallas County property taxes, then I encourage you to begin looking at your rights and begin the process as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline. Once you miss the deadline for protesting, there is very little you can do for this year’s appraised value or the property taxes due.

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