Payment Options 


How you can pay:


 Payment Online – Click “Pay Online Now"


Pay Online Now


Payment by Mail – Mailed payments should include a coupon and a check or money order. Please include your account number in the memo section of your check.  If you have not received your account number and coupon book in the mail, please contact us.  Mail payments to the following address:

4100 Alpha Rd, Ste 670
Dallas, TX 75244


 Payment by Phone – Call our loan servicing department at 877-776-7391 to make payments by ACH (e-check).


Do You Wish to Payoff Your Loan?  – Do not pay online. Please email us at to request a payoff statement and receive payoff instructions.  


Interested in automatic payments?  If so, you can set up through our online payment system by clicking on “Multiple Payments” under “Payment Information” or call us at 877-776-7391 and ask to be set up for recurring ACH payments.


We are not the county tax office. This web site is only for people intending to make a loan payment to Resolution Finance, LLC, d/b/a Property Tax Funding.