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Frequent Questions - Property Tax Loans

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Property Tax Loans

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 877-776-7391

Loan Programs

What type of property will qualify for a Property Tax Funding loan? angle-down

Texas property tax relief loans are available for almost any type of real estate as long as the borrower is not in bankruptcy and the property is reasonably maintained. This includes residential, commercial, investment properties and vacant land.

Can you help with past due taxes, interest and penalty fees as well? angle-down

Yes, if you meet the requirements, Property Tax Funding can instantly pay your current and past due taxes including accrued interest, penalties and legal fees.

I have several properties. Can you make a loan for multiple properties? angle-down

We can help with you with all your properties. In certain cases, we can combine multiple properties into one loan.

Do you make loans on personal property or for federal income taxes? angle-down

No, we handle only residential or commercial property tax loans in the State of Texas.

Can I get extra cash out beyond what is owed for my property taxes? angle-down

No, by law we are restricted to granting loans only for the tax amount, penalties, interest and closing costs, including legal fees.

Application Process

How do I apply for a loan from Property Tax Funding? angle-down

Our application process is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes. You can apply by calling one of our loan officers at 1-877-776-7391 or 214-550-3754. You may also submit a pre-application on our website. A loan officer will call you to complete the application at your convenience.

What if I’ve had past credit problems? angle-down

Credit history is typically not an issue, except in cases of current bankruptcy. Loans are approved for most applicants, even those with not so perfect credit. All loans are subject to income verification.

What materials are required for an application? angle-down

When applying for a Texas property tax relief loan on residential property, you will need to complete the loan application form. The application will require your social security number, along with mortgage and bank information. Upon completion of this application the quick and easy loan process will begin. Your loan could be ready to schedule as early as 24 hours from the receipt of your application.

Commercial applicants should have the above information available. We may also require Articles of Incorporation and the governing documents of the company.

Loan Terms

What are the terms of a loan from Property Tax Funding? angle-down

Property Tax Funding provides loan terms from one year to ten years and everything in between. We also offer interest-only loans and deferred payment options. Our goal is to provide you with a manageable monthly payment you can afford.

What is the interest rate on a loan from Property Tax Funding? angle-down

Our rates vary. Please contact Property Tax Funding for current loan rates.

Loan Repayment

How will I make my monthly payments? angle-down

Most borrowers execute an ACH agreement authorizing direct debit of their bank account. Payments are typically due on the first or fifteenth of each month. If, after executing your ACH agreement you choose to designate another bank account as the source for your payments, you must notify Property Tax Funding immediately.

Can I mail my payments in directly instead of ACH? angle-down

Yes, borrowers can choose to make their monthly payments by check or money order. We also accept payments online. You can pay online by selecting the MY ACCOUNT page then clicking on PAY MY LOAN. 

Will my property be foreclosed upon if I am late or miss a payment? angle-down

While foreclosure is rare, it can be initiated when a loan is in default. Property Tax Funding will make every attempt to work out a manageable payment plan and in some cases restructure your loan to accommodate your needs. If default continues, a court-approved foreclosure can occur to collect the outstanding debt. 

Can I pay my loan off early? angle-down

Yes you can pay your loan off at any time. There are no early payment penalties on residential loans. Contact our loan servicing department to receive a payoff statement.

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