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Learn About Property Tax Loans

Benefits of a Tax Loan

Texas Property Tax Loans

Avoid Delinquency Costs and Possible Foreclosure with a Property Tax Loan

Property tax loans allow Texas residential and commercial property owners to avoid accruing significant penalties, interest, and legal fees on their delinquent property taxes. We understand the stress brought by unpaid property taxes, and our process is designed to solve your property tax problem in a matter of days. Property Tax Funding will pay off your delinquent property taxes and provide you an affordable way to pay your tax bill with low monthly payments.

How a Delinquent Property Tax Bill Increases


Property taxes that remain unpaid after February 1st are assessed a 7% penalty and interest fee by the tax assessor. The penalties and interest keep increasing every month until the past due property taxes are paid. As illustrated in the graph, an unpaid $10,000 tax bill can grow into a $14,760 liability by December of the same year. With penalties of up to 48% in the first year, there is tremendous incentive to get your taxes paid.

Property Tax Liens


Before your taxes are due, a tax lien is placed on your property by your taxing jurisdiction. When your taxes go unpaid, the tax assessor begins charging interest and penalties that increase each month. Based on Texas laws that date back to 1933, you can authorize a licensed tax lender to pay your past due property taxes. When the tax lender makes payment to the tax assessor, the existing tax lien is transferred to the tax lender and, more importantly, the payment stops further penalties and interest from the tax assessor.

Why Choose Property Tax Funding

  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Low Rate Guarantee
  • Short Application and Fast Closings
  • No Credit Check
  • Zero Down Loan
  • A+ Rated with BBB

Property Tax Funding’s tax payment plans provide Texas property owners with a more affordable option to the large lump sum payment due to the tax assessor. Our process is simple, we pay your property taxes, and you pay us back over time. The longer your taxes go unpaid, the more it costs you in penalties, interest, and fees and the greater the risk of losing your property to foreclosure. Allow Property Tax Funding to trade the burden of your tax bill for an affordable low monthly payment property tax loan.

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