Learn About Property Tax Loans

  • The Tax Lien Transfer law, which governs property tax lending, has been in existence since 1933.

  • A property tax loan does not create a new lien, rather the existing tax lien is transferred to the tax lender.

  • The tax assessor's penalties and interest can increase your tax bill by 48% in the 1st year of delinquency.

  • The tax lending industry is governed by the state tax, finance, and administrative codes.

  • Property Tax lenders must meet national and state licensing requirements. 


What Can a Tax Loan Do For You?

  • Immediately pay off all taxes owed on your property including penalties, interest, and even court costs.

  • Trade your large property tax bill for low monthly payments.

  • Save you money!  A tax loan can be over 60% cheaper than the penalties and interest charged by the tax assessor.

  • Provide extended term repayment plans up to 10 years.

  • Solve your tax problem with no money down. 

  • Fix your tax problem even if you have bad credit.

  • Stop foreclosure by the tax assessor or their attorney.