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Property Tax Funding Blog

Dirty Truths About Property Taxes

Posted by Matt Longhofer on Sat, Mar 25, 2023 @ 11:03 AM

Property taxes can be a contentious topic because they are a significant source of revenue for local governments and can represent a significant expense for property owners. Here are some potential "dirty truths" about property taxes:

  1. Property taxes can be regressive: Property taxes are typically based on the value of a property, so owners of more expensive properties pay more taxes. However, property values do not always reflect the owner's ability to pay. For example, a retired person living on a fixed income may own valuable property but have difficulty paying high property taxes.
  2. Property taxes can be unpredictable: Property values can fluctuate significantly from year to year, which means that property taxes can also fluctuate. This unpredictability can make it difficult for property owners to budget expenses.
  3. Property taxes can be used for purposes that don't benefit property owners: Property taxes are often used to fund a wide range of government services, including schools, roads, and public safety. While these services are essential, property owners may not always see a direct benefit from them, especially if they don't have children in the local school system.
  4. Property taxes can be difficult to challenge: If a property owner believes their property has been overvalued for tax purposes, they may be able to challenge the assessment. However, this can be difficult and time-consuming, and there is no guarantee of success.

Property taxes can be complicated and controversial, with potential implications for property owners and local governments. Fortunately, some relief may be in sight as Texas considers property tax cuts this legislative session, which would pump billions of state dollars into public schools and give bigger tax breaks for homeowners and business owners.

 If you need assistance with your property tax bill, Property Tax Funding offers affordable property tax loans for Texas property owners.


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