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Property Tax Funding Blog

Texas Non-Profits Pay Zip, Zero, Nada, in Property Taxes

Posted by Matt Longhofer on Sun, Feb 26, 2012 @ 14:02 PM

propety tax reliefDid you know that a Texas non-profit business may be eligible for a full abatement of all property taxes?  Texas tax laws allow a non-profit business to pay no property taxes on all real property and business personal property owned by the non-profit business.  For non-profit organizations to receive property tax exemptions, they must apply to the County Appraisal District in which the property is located by no later than April 30. 

Property Tax Exemption Eligibility

The non-profit organizations that are eligible for property tax exemptions include but are not limited to:
  • Certain charitable organizations
  • Youth development organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Non-profit private schools
  • Cemeteries
  • Veterans’ organizations

Property Tax Exemption Approval

If a non-profit organization meets property tax exemption qualifications, the exemption can be approved immediately after the organization buys or acquires new property during the year.

Non-profit organizations must reapply if the property changes owners, if their qualifications for exemption change or if they acquire new property. In most cases, after non-profit organizations are granted a property tax exemption they do not have to reapply annually unless the chief appraiser asks them to file again.

For more information about property tax exemptions that are available to non-profit organizations, contact the County Appraisal District where your property is located before April 30.

Consider a Property Tax Loan

If you are looking for property tax relief and do not qualify for an exemption, you might consider a property tax loan.  Property Tax Loans are available for residential and commercial properties located throughout the state of Texas.  Property tax loans offer a low cost, low payment, and flexible alternatives to tax assessor payment plans.  Property tax loans can be an excellent option for many Texas property owners who are not prepared for the annual lump sum payment due to the tax assessor.     

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