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Property Tax Funding Blog

Property Tax Bills Coming to an Inbox Near You

Posted by Matt Longhofer on Sat, Feb 04, 2012 @ 13:02 PM

While you wouldn’t know it from all the junk mail that arrives at your home every week, Americans are sending less mail.  Mail use has been changing over the past decade as businesses and consumers have moved to electronic communication and payment alternatives resulting in a steady decline in first class mail usage. 

Delivery of Property Tax Bills via Emailtax loan for tarrant county

Texas tax assessors will soon be adding to this trend with a new state law that gives them the option to email property tax bills to property owners.  The bill, filed by state Representative Charlie Green, came at the suggestion of Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, while she was serving as Tarrant County tax assessor.  The bill received no opposition in the legislature since it was an optional program with no requirement for Texas tax assessors to implement the program or residents to sign up for it.  Given the high cost of printing and mailing, many counties are considering adopting this program.  Tarrant county spends $537,000 per year printing and mailing property tax bills and hopes to have a system implemented by as soon as this summer.

The Texas secretary of state has issued guidelines covering delivery of property tax bills by email.  Included in the guidelines are suggestions which require a confirmation receipt of  the email to ensure the recipient opened it.  Other measures require the property tax bill to be mailed using tranditional mail if the confirmation is not received in 30 days.      

Property Tax Help

Property owners that have not paid their 2011 property taxes are now delinquent and subject to penalties and interest imposed by the tax assessor.  Fortunately, property tax loans are readily available and can be a great solution to solve a past due tax problem.  If you reside in Tarrant County or any other county in Texas, you can apply online or over the phone for a property tax loan.  The application can be completed in just minutes and your tax bill headache can be replaced with peace of mind and low monthly payments.

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