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Property Tax Funding Blog


Posted by Matt Longhofer on Thu, Jul 26, 2012 @ 10:07 AM

If you have a looming or delinquent property tax bill and are short on cash then please understand – you are not alone.  You are one of tens of thousands of Texas property owners in need of property tax help in this tough economy.  The question is – why haven’t you taken action to solve your tax problem?  Some of the reasons our clients give us for ignoring the problem are “I didn’t believe I could get approved for a loan.” Or “I am very busy and getting a loan takes too much time.” Or “I was embarrassed and hoped the problem would go away.”  

The truth is:property tax loan approved

  • Approval is VERY easy and past credit problems are of ZERO concern.
  • A tax loan can be structured very quickly, sometimes in as little as two days.
  • And, your taxes are not going away and the situation will only get more embarrassing (and expensive) if tax suits are filed by the county and/or foreclosure proceedings begin. 

YOU WILL FEEL MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU DECIDE TO TAKE ACTION AND THESE LARGE TAX BALANCES ARE PAID AND REPLACED WITH A MANAGEABLE MONTHLY PAYMENT.  Property Tax Funding’s streamlined approval process allows us to approve your tax loan in minutes.  Once approved, your taxes can be paid in just a few days. 

Conditions for Immediate Property Tax Loan Approval

At Property Tax Funding, we make the approval and funding of a property tax loan Quick and Easy!  In fact, we have several underwriting/funding sources and aren’t bound by rigid underwriting standards, so please call one of our loan officers if you would like to discuss your unique situation.  However our underwriting standards for immediate approval are as follows: 

  • Property must have a minimum assessed value of $60,000
  • The minimum property tax amount due must be $2,500
  • The borrower must be the property owner
  • The borrower cannot currently be in bankruptcy
  • The tax amount due cannot exceed 20% of the assessed value 

Our goal is to look at each individual’s unique situation and provide a solution that will meet their needs.  If you’d like to learn more about property tax loans or discuss your individual tax situation, apply online or contact us at 877-776-7391. 


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