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Property Tax Funding Blog

Help Paying 2010 Texas Property Taxes

Posted by J. Keller on Sat, Oct 30, 2010 @ 12:10 PM

2010 Texas Property Taxes - Bills Are Out

Most counties across Texas have issued tax statements for 2010 property taxes.  Current year property taxes not paid by January 31, 2011 are subject to a 7% penalty, with increasing penalties every month.  However, under certain circumstances, Texas property owners can structure a property tax loan now and avoid this 7% penalty.  Property owners can have their 2010 property taxes paid now if: property tax loan

1.       There is no mortgage on the property, or

2.       They have delinquent taxes prior to 2010, or

3.       The property owner has completed a previous transfer of tax lien or property tax loan for the property.

After February 1st, the above conditions are not necessary to secure a property tax loan.  The Texas tax code specifies that once property taxes are past due, the property is automatically eligible for a tax loan. 

Some of the Benefits of Having Your 2010 Property Taxes Paid Now! 

  • Avoid the 7% penalty and additional penalties that follow. 
  • Some counties offer a discount for property taxes that are paid early.
  • If you will have difficulty making a lump sum payment for 2010 property taxes before February 1st, then having them paid now can give you peace of mind.
  • There is typically no pre-payment penalty, so having your taxes paid now will offer you the flexibility of paying off the taxes when your cash flow allows.
  • If property taxes are delinquent then paying all past due taxes now can keep the tax assessor’s attorney from escalating their collection efforts as well as their fees and court cost.

Keep in mind that there are costs associated with structuring a property tax loan and this must be considered when determining if a tax loan is the right solution for you.  As a rule of thumb, if you do not foresee having the cash to pay your 2010 taxes in a lump sum, then taking out a property tax loan now can be an excellent solution and a lower cost alternative to the penalties and interest charged by the tax assessor. 

Get Property Tax Help Now

Tax loans are available for commercial and residential properties throughout Texas.  With all counties served, including Harris County, Dallas County, Tarrant County, Bexar County, and Travis County.  For a low-pressure and honest evaluation of your situation, please contact one of the loan specialists at Property Tax Funding toll free at 1-877-776-7391.

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