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Property Tax Funding Blog

Will I Qualify for a Property Tax Loan?

Posted by Matt Longhofer on Sat, Jun 09, 2012 @ 08:06 AM

Will I Qualify for a Property Tax Loan?  You just might be asking this question if you are behind on your property taxes.  The prolonged economic slowdown has hit many Texans right in the pocketbook.  As a result, property tax delinquencies are at all time highs with hundreds of thousands of Texas home and business owners not able to pay their property tax.  With tax assessor penalties up to 48% the 1st year, property owners in this situation cannot afford to let this issue go unsolved.    qualify for tax loan

Easy Tax Loan Qualifications

Despite the challenges in securing financing from banks and traditional lending sources, qualifying for a Property Tax Funding tax loan is simple and easy.  We understand that not everyone has perfect credit and we won’t hold prior credit issues against you.  Even if you have some credit blemishes, charge offs, late payments, or even prior bankruptcies, we can get your tax loan approved.  The qualifications are very simple and straightforward.  To qualify for a property tax loan:

  • Property must be located in Texas
  • Property must be valued at $60,000 or greater
  • Tax amount due must be at least $2,500
  • You cannot currently be going through bankruptcy

Instant Qualification for a Property Tax Loan

You can find out instantly if you qualify for a Property Tax Funding tax loan by visiting our Property Tax Loan Qualification Page.  Once approved, the process is fast.  Typically we can solve your entire tax problem in just a few days.  Our streamlined loan system allows us to process, close, and pay your property taxes within days, which will prevent further penalties and interest from the tax assessor.  Just think, your tax problem on Monday could be solved by Thursday – of the same week.  If you need help with your Texas property taxes, call 1-877-776-7391 or apply for a property tax loan online.  Join the thousands of Texas property owners who we’ve helped. 

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