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Property Tax Funding Blog

Finding The Best Property Tax Lender - 3 Simple Steps

Posted by Matt Longhofer on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 22:05 PM

One of the most uncomfortable places to be is behind on payments with outrageous and escalating penalties.  Now imagine you’re behind on payments to something as huge and unforgiving as the government and the amounts due are secured by you and your family’s home.  This is precisely the case for those who are behind on the property taxes in the state of Texas.texas property tax lender

When you find yourself behind on your property taxes, interest continues to accrue and the possibility of your home being foreclosed by the tax assessor is very real.  It's something we’ve seen far too often and the government will not back off until they are paid in full. 

So what is the delinquent tax payer to do? Even if you’ve been able to keep up on your mortgage or you own your property outright, there still is that nagging question of how do you come to terms with the tax bill that you owe? One solution to this is to employ the services of a property tax lender.

Property tax lenders can give you the breathing room you need and offer you a solution for your past due tax burden. Of course when you’re looking at the various property tax lenders you want to make sure that you’re going with the best one for your individual situation.  Here are a few things you need to consider.

Compare Rates/Fees – Obviously when comparing property tax lenders one of the first things you want to know is, “Am I getting the best rate?”  Making sure that you are not paying too much in interest and fees is essential.  You should be able to tell, in no uncertain terms, what it is that you’re being charged for.  Make sure the tax lender you select is using clear straightforward disclosures so you fully understand any costs or fees associated with the loan.  If property tax lender can’t explain the terms of the loan, you may want to look elsewhere.

Compare Experience – When you’re dealing with something as important as your home, you want to know you’re dealing with a company with experience.   Make sure you are working with a loan officer that is experienced in tax lending and takes the time to thoroughly explain the tax loan process to you.  You should feel comfortable with your loan officer and go with a company who has a proven track record.  With tax assessor penalties increasing every month, you want to go with a company that will get your loan closed quickly and pay your taxes swiftly and correctly.

Compare Reputation – Going right along with how you’re being treated, if potential property tax lenders have got a suspect reputation, this should send up red flags.  Look for a company with an excellent reputation that is able to stand on not only that reputation but on the past experiences of clients.  A great verification source of a company’s reputation is their Better Business Bureau rating.  While rating is important, you should dig deeper and review not only their rating, but also if any complaints have been filed against the company and the nature of those complaints.   Also, look for customers who have had a positive experience with a tax lender and chances are you have the same experience. 

In closing, there is no reason you can't find a fair deal from an ethical property tax lender, so take a little extra time on the front end and make certain you are working with someone you trust who truly wants to help you and not exploit you through a property tax loan.  If you are ready to solve your property tax problem, call the experts at Property Tax Funding at 877-776-7391.  Property Tax funding offers a low rate guarantee, is A rated with the BBB, and has helped thousands of Texas property owners solve their tax problems. 



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