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Texas Property Tax Penalties Skyrocket Your Tax Bill

Posted by Matt Longhofer on Sat, Apr 02, 2011 @ 13:04 PM

Penalties and Interest for Texas Past Due Property Taxesproperty tax loans

If you are one of the many Texas property owners that received a delinquent property tax notice, you were probably shocked when you opened your notice and discovered the applied penalties.  With bank savings rates hovering below 1%, you might wonder how tax assessors justify charging penalties of up to 48% in the first year.  While you might think it is a conspiracy to funnel great income to the taxing units, it’s really nothing more than the tax assessors following the tax code.  Texas Tax Code Section 33.01 and 33.07 establish the penalty and interest rates on delinquent real property taxes.  The chart below lists the penalties, interest, and collection costs for Dallas County. 

Month Penalty & Interest Amount Due Based on $10,000
February 7% $10,700
March 9% $10,900
April 11% $11,100
May 13% $11,300
June 15% $11,500
July 18% + 20% attorney fee $14,160
August 19% + 20% attorney fee $14,280
September 20% + 20% attorney fee $14,400
October 21% + 20% attorney fee $14,520
November 22% + 20% attorney fee $14,640
December 23% + 20% attorney fee $14,760

A few other things to note about paying property taxes and the related delinquency costs:

  • Failure to receive a tax statement does not relieve the property owner of the tax, penalty or interest liability.
  • The Tax Assessor/Collector does not have legal authority to forgive or waive any penalty or interest charges.
  • Payments by mail are credited according to the U.S. Postmark (not meters). Those bearing postmarks past deadlines will incur full penalty and interest charges.

Consider a Property Tax Loan

If you cannot pay your property taxes, I recommend addressing the issue now.  The longer you delay the more expensive it will become for you, with increasing penalties and interest.  Despite the challenging economic environment, property tax loans are readily available with easy qualifications.  If you’d like a no obligation consultation, please call one of our licensed loan officers at 877-776-7391. 


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