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Property Tax Funding Blog

Get Property Tax Help Now - Avoid the HUGE July 1st Penalty

Posted by Matt Longhofer on Wed, Jun 02, 2010 @ 22:06 PM


Thinking of a Property Tax Loan?

If you are a property owner in Texas with past due property taxes, you've likely seen your mailbox stuffed with property tax loan offers.  While I'm sure many of these mailings have been tossed aside, now may be the time to seek property tax help from a tax lender (see my blog about selecting a trusted lender). 

Why the Urgency? 

With July just around the corner, property owners should make every effort to pay their past due tax balances before July 1st.  Under section 33.07 of the Texas Property Tax Code, delinquent real property taxes not paid prior to July 1st are subject to an additional penalty of up to 20%.  This is on top of the monthly penalty & interest charge of 1% - 3%, thus resulting in added penalties of up to 23% on July 1st.


property tax help


Stop Procrastinating - Get Property Tax Help Now!

Texas based property lenders have helped thousands of property owners avoid these huge penalties, but there are countless more that still need property tax help.  Even if you've been putting this off, you can still save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by acting now.  By example, a property owner with an initial 2009 property tax bill of $7,500.00 will receive an added penalty of up to $1,725.00 if property taxes are not paid before July 1st.  

While a property tax loan may not be the right solution for all borrowers, especially those who owe less than $2,500 in total property taxes, we encourage everyone to at least discuss their options with a knowledgeable tax loan consultant willing to walk you through the options.  Doing nothing may be your most expensive decision of all.     


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