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Property Tax Funding Blog

Tax Loans to Pay My Property Taxes

Posted by Joe Thompson on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 @ 07:12 AM

pay my property taxesProperty taxes in Texas are serious business. Tax collectors can assess interest and penalties of as much as 48% of the tax balance owed in just the first year alone. This quickly turns a $3,000 property tax bill into a $4,440 bill -- and an even bigger problem. When a Texas property owner says "I can't pay my property tax," all hope is not lost.  Fortunately tax loans are readily available to address this need.

How can a tax lender pay my property tax?

Texas law has an interesting provision that can help property owners who come up a little bit short at tax time.  When a customer takes out a property tax loan, they authorize the tax lender to pay off the past due tax balance. This process is based on Texas tax laws, which date back to 1933.  Various changes and consumer protections have since modified the laws; however, the basic premise of authorizing a third party, the tax lender, to pay your taxes is essentially unchanged.  It’s simple; the tax lender will pay your property taxes and establish a repayment agreement with the property owner.    

How much do I save by letting a property tax lender pay my property taxes? 

Tax loans can save clients up to 60 percent of what the tax collector charges in penalty and interest.  Additionally, most tax lenders offer longer term repayment plans as compared to the tax assessor.  Paying your loan off is easy, as some lenders accept direct transfers from your bank account so that you don't have to worry about mistakenly missing a payment. 

How does the application process work to get a tax loan?

Getting a property tax loan is easy. Many clients get approved in just minutes, even if they don't have perfect credit. Normally a loan can be closed in just a few days after the application is completed and in that short amount of time your tax problem can be solved.  Applications can be take over the phone or completed online. 

How long will I have to pay my property taxes?

Property Tax Funding lets customers make easy monthly payments over periods of anywhere from one to ten years. Furthermore, we welcome customers to pay off their loans early.  We won't charge any penalties for early payment of the tax loan on your home.

What's the next step to getting Property Tax Funding to help pay my property taxes?

Property Tax Funding has helped thousands of Texas families solve property tax problems. To get started with a quick and easy loan, you just need to go to our website or call us toll free at 877-776-7391.  Don’t let your tax problem get out of hand, call today and you’ll be on your way to a simple solution for your property taxes.

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