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We are ready to help solve your Killeen property tax loan needs! Property Tax Funding offers a quick and easy application process with flexible payment plans and fast closings. Our property tax loans are available for residential and commercial properties located in Killeen and throughout Texas.  

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Why Property Tax Funding?

  • Low Rate Guarantee – lowest rates in Texas.

  • Easy Application and Fast Closings – loans close in days.

  • Easy Qualification – prior credit problems are not an issue.

  • Flexible Repayment Terms – loan terms up to 10 years.

  • Zero Down Closings – no out of pocket closing costs.

  • All Loans Serviced in House – we will not sell your loan or your information.

Killeen Property Tax Loans Provide Relief from Massive Fees and Penalties

Property owners in Killeen pay high property taxes in comparison to many other cities across the US. This is partly because Texas doesn't levy a personal income tax, which means that there's no tax revenue to pass on to local governments. Factor in the tremendous population growth that Killeen has seen recently, and it's easy to understand why property owners here are under pressure to cover the city's many services. When property owners in Killeen can't pay their taxes by the January 31st deadline, they have a place to turn rather than face the sky-high interest and penalties handed out by the Bell County Tax Assessor -- they can opt for a zero-down Killeen property tax loan.

Killeen Property Tax Loans: The Fast and Affordable Tax Financing Option

Killeen property tax loans are low-cost alternatives to first-year charges that can add 48 percent to the amount a home, business or rental property owner has to pay to settle their overdue tax bill. Even worse than dealing with these huge charges is the knowledge that unpaid property taxes leave the door open to legal action by the city's attorneys, and eventually, foreclosure. A Killeen property tax loan can replace the headache of delinquency with a low-interest monthly payment and a flexible repayment term of up to 10 years that perfectly fits the borrower's budget. By calling Property Tax Funding at 877-776-7391 and speaking with a licensed loan officer, property owners can quickly qualify for a Killeen property tax loan, even if they have credit issues.

Helpful Online Property Tax Resources : City of Killeen -- official website & Tax Appraisal District of Bell County

About Killeen

Family-friendly Killeen is situated next to the largest military base in the country, Fort Hood, in Bell County. Fort Hood is the area's largest employer, but the city's strong economy also has a firm base in education, healthcare, tourism, construction and finance. Killeen's 135,000 residents enjoy an array of big-city amenities, great schools, affordable housing, tons of leisure and recreation options, and a superb small-town quality of life.

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