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Property Tax Funding Blog

Property Tax Rates for Denton County – Who Has the Lowest Rate?

Posted by Matt Longhofer on Mon, Mar 07, 2011 @ 10:03 AM

Below is a property tax guide to help Denton County residents compare their 2010 property tax rates for both city and school taxes to other cities and schools throughout Denton County. 

2010 Denton County Property Tax Rates by City, School, & CountyDenton County property tax loan

As the data shows, the average combined property tax rate for Denton County is approximately 2.26% with the lowest combined property tax rate being the Town of Bartonville at 1.91% and the highest being in Corinth at 2.69%.  Corinth was the highest for city taxes at 0.74% and was tied for the highest for school taxes along with Lake Dallas and Hickory Creek at 1.67%.   

City Combined City School County   City School County
Bartonville 1.91% 0.19% 1.44% 0.27%   Bartonville Argyle ISD Denton County
Double Oak 1.93% 0.22% 1.43% 0.27%   Double Oak Lewisville ISD Denton County
Copper Canyon 2.00% 0.30% 1.43% 0.27%   Copper Canyon Lewisville ISD Denton County
Roanoke 2.02% 0.38% 1.38% 0.27%   Roanoke Northwest ISD Denton County
Argyle 2.11% 0.40% 1.44% 0.27%   Argyle Argyle ISD Denton County
Lewisville 2.14% 0.44% 1.43% 0.27%   Lewisville Lewisville ISD Denton County
Flower Mound 2.15% 0.45% 1.43% 0.27%   Flower Mound Lewisville ISD Denton County
Highland Village 2.27% 0.57% 1.43% 0.27%   Highland Village Lewisville ISD Denton County
Trophy Club 2.36% 0.71% 1.38% 0.27%   Trophy Club Northwest ISD Denton County
Hickory Creek 2.37% 0.42% 1.67% 0.27%   Hickory Creek Lake Dallas ISD Denton County
The Colony 2.39% 0.69% 1.43% 0.27%   The Colony Lewisville ISD Denton County
Little Elm 2.48% 0.67% 1.54% 0.27%   Little Elm Little Elm ISD Denton County
Denton 2.49% 0.69% 1.53% 0.27%   Denton Denton ISD Denton County
Lake Dallas 2.65% 0.71% 1.67% 0.27%   Lake Dallas Lake Dallas ISD Denton County
Corinth 2.69% 0.74% 1.67% 0.27%   Corinth Lake Dallas ISD Denton County
Averages 2.26% 0.51% 1.49%          

*Note: Some city tax rates include Municipal Utility District rates.

Considerations in Paying Property Taxes

When buying a home it is important to take into account the annual cost of paying your property taxes.  For those who cannot afford to pay their property taxes, the penalties and interest from the tax assessor and their attorneys can be extremely high.  The good news for those who find themselves in this situation is there are companies who offer property tax loans to help.  If you are struggling with meeting your property tax payment and are considering a loan, please read our blog about selecting the right property tax lender.  Property Tax Funding offers property tax loans in Denton County, and most other counties in Texas.

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