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Property Tax Loans Provide Help for Back Taxes

Posted on Wed, Jan 15, 2014 @ 05:01 AM

Property Tax Loans Provide Help for Back Taxes

help for back property taxesTexas is tough on property owners who don't pay their taxes, because local governments here rely on that revenue to pay for many of the services they provide. Assessed property taxes are due in one lump sum payment every January 31st, unless an owner has escrowed their taxes with their mortgage payments throughout the previous year. When a property owner doesn't have the cash they need to get their taxes paid in full by the due date, their local taxing authority begins adding on penalties, interest and fees. In twelve months, these incredibly high charges can equal 48 percent of the original tax balance.

Back Property Tax Help Isn't Available From the Local Tax Assessor

As time passes, overdue property taxes and all the hefty costs that accompany them won't disappear, they'll only grow larger and more unmanageable. To get back on track, many owners need back property tax help, but they won't get it from the tax assessor. Under Texas law, taxing authorities can't forgive unpaid property taxes, and they can only waive penalties and interest if the tax assessor somehow caused the owner's delinquency. This means that getting any relief or back property tax help from a local assessor is fairly difficult.  State law also allows taxing authorities up to 20 years to collect the back taxes, fees, penalties and interest that can accumulate on an overdue account, which gives them plenty of time to pursue legal action and foreclosure. And every day that there's an outstanding balance, the amount owed keeps growing and compounding.

Property Tax Loans: Back Property Tax Help That's Affordable, Fast and Flexible

While Texas law does provide for certain tax assessor payment plans, most come with short repayment terms and high payments.  Fortunately, the laws in the state also allow third party tax lenders to provide back property tax help. By working with a property tax lender a property owner can save up to 60 percent of the first-year fees and penalties charged the tax assessor.  Property tax loans offer a number of benefits in comparison to the massive charges levied by the tax assessor, including:

  • No up-front closing costs and reasonable interest rates.
  • Manageable monthly payments.
  • Repayment terms ranging from one to ten years.
  • Easy qualification even with bad credit.
  • Fast approval - will provide back property tax help in just days.

Whether it's for a home, business, commercial property, or rental property, a property tax loan can quickly erase the entire balance of a delinquent tax account, and eliminate the risk of foreclosure.  To learn more about financing your property taxes contact Property Tax Funding at 877-776-7391.

Get Help with Past Due Property Taxes

Posted on Wed, Dec 18, 2013 @ 08:12 AM

help with property taxesTexas is a strict state when it comes to past due property taxes.  Property owners can be assessed up to 48% of the taxes due in penalties and interest if property taxes aren't paid on time.  Sometimes, the money just isn’t available when the tax bill comes due, but getting help to solve this problem has never been easier.  All it takes is one call to Property Tax Funding to get the process started.   

Property Tax Funding Can Help With Property Taxes

Property Tax Funding is committed to providing Texas property owners loans with easy qualifications and manageable loan payments. Rated "A" by the Better Business Bureau, they pride themselves on providing straightforward loans in an ethical manner. This Texas based business can help save you money by providing a low cost loan to cover property taxes, thus avoiding the significant fees that pile up with late payments. 

Not Just Homes

Property Tax Funding doesn't just help with property taxes on residential homes. They also can provide funding for past due taxes for commercial, investment, and rental properties.  Property Tax Funding recognizes that there are many circumstances that can lead to a past due property tax problem. Regardless of how you got in this situation, they can help you get out of it.  Property Tax Funding’s loans have easy qualifications, even for those with past credit issues or prior bankruptcies.  Real estate owners who have multiple properties may even combine their tax bills into a single loan with Property Tax Funding. Rather than being assessed hefty fees by the tax assessor, take out a no hassle loan with a trusted local company. 

Take Your Time or Pay Back the Loan Immediately

Flexibility is essential for those who need help with property taxes. For some, paying the loan back may just be a paycheck or two away.  For others, a longer term loan may be necessary.  Property Tax Funding offers short and long term loans in three, five, seven, and ten year terms. Property owners who get an infusion of funds can pay their loan off early without any penalties. Property Tax funding will work with home owners to find a payment plan that works with their budget. 

Property owners asking for help with property taxes don't need to resign themselves to paying additional fees or late payments.  Instead, they can get help with property taxes from a Texas owned and operated business that provides quick closings, low rates, and quality service.  To learn how Property Tax Funding can help you with your past due property taxes, call 877-776-7391 or apply online today

Texas Homeowners Can Get Property Tax Help

Posted on Wed, Dec 11, 2013 @ 06:12 AM

property tax help TexasTax Loans Provide Help with Property Taxes 

If an owner fails to pay the taxes due on a piece of property, the fines and interest owed add up quickly. In some cases, tax authorities can increase the amount due by up to 48 percent in the first year by imposing fines, penalties, and interest charges. After the 1st year, the tax assessor will continue to add interest to the tax amount and chances will increase that the property will go into foreclosure for non-payment of taxes.

When owners need help with property taxes, they need a reasonable solution. For those with property in the state of Texas, an 80-year-old law offers an alternative to massive penalties and foreclosure by tax authorities. Back in 1933, Texas put a law in place that allows a property owner to authorize a third party, such as a property tax lender, to pay their past due taxes.  That law, which is still in effect today, has led to a specialized group of tax lenders who focus exclusively on helping property owners with their past due property taxes.  

How Does a Property Tax Loan Work?

By virtue of the Texas tax code, on January 1 of each year, a tax lien attaches to property to secure the payment of all taxes, penalties, and interest ultimately imposed for the year on the property.  The lien exists in favor of each taxing unit having power to tax the property.  When you pay your taxes in full, this lien is automatically extinguished.  Typically, a property cannot be sold until all liens are satisfied, including tax liens.

A property tax lender can help owners with tax liens due to unpaid property taxes. They lend the money to cover the amount due. After the taxes are paid, the tax lien from the taxing authority is transferred to the property tax lender.  The property owner then makes monthly payments to the tax lender until the loan is paid off.  Once the loan is paid off, the tax lender releases the tax lien, just as if the taxes were paid directly to the tax assessor.  

These loans are strictly regulated by state tax, finance, and administrative codes that protect the borrower and the lender.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Property Tax Loan?

Owners who use the services of a property tax lender will see benefits, both long and short-term:

  • Immediate pay off the past due tax balances
  • Make low monthly payments
  • Pay less in interest on the loan compared to the tax assessor penalties and interest
  • Get repayment options, up to 10 years.
  • Get relief with no money down and even with bad credit
  • Stop foreclosure due to the tax lien

If you have past due property taxes and no immediate solution to the problem, contact Property Tax Funding. We have been making property tax loans since 2008 to property owners all over the state of Texas. We are “A” rated with the Better Business Bureau and have built a solid reputation of providing financing help with property taxes.  Give us a call today at 877-776-7391 to ease your worries and lighten that tax burden.

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